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Henan Kenex Tools Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing high-tech enterprise with a registered capital of 12 million yuan, mainly dedicated to the development, research, production and sales of super abrasives and super-hard tools.

Our team of technology and management comes from the top enterprise in super-hard material industry, who possess decades of experience in the technology research and market analysis of super abrasives. Depending on our own intellectual property rights, and the ceaseless innovation, we Kenex has made solid headway in research and development of CBN abrasives and super-hard tools as well as tools application.

Meanwhile, we Kenex has attached much importance to the industry-university-research collaboration. We have carried out joint technology development these years with Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, etc. And we have established a corporate R&D center with Zhongyuan Institute of Technology.


Our factory is located at No. 6, Road 6, New Materials Industrial Park, Xingyang City, Zhengzhou, Henan province, covering an area of 38 mu (which is nearly 3 hectares), and the total building area is 24650 square meters. And its yearly designed production capability is to be 1 million super-hard precision tools and 140 million carats of super-hard materials.

We Kenex has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2011. These years, by optimizing the products from design-technology-process control, and paying great attention to quality, what we always pursue is the product of "zero defect"!

We Kenex will be your fast and efficient solution provider to achieve the win-win situation by the premium product at a competitive price with excellent service!

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Tel:+86 (371) 67539008


Address: No. 6, Road 6, New Materials Industrial Park, Xingyang City, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

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